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USADA - Compresor de Aire. Ref:VAR0123

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Marca: Ingersoll Rand
CENTAC Air Compressor
Type CHX5-80H

Caracteristicas generales:
Motor .... 350 Kw
Alimentacion .... 380 V / 50 Hz

Desing Pressure Rating: 2.0 bar (g)
Desing Discharge Temperature: 35 C
High Air Temperature Switch Setting: 46 C
Cooling Water Flow to Aftercooler: 636 l/min at 25 C
Maximum Allowable Cooling Water Pressure: 3.5 bar (g)
Vibration Trip Settings: 1.05 Mils
Bearing Oil Pressure: 2 bar (g)
Bearing Oil Temperature to Bearings: 45 C
Reservoir Capacity: 242l
Oil Cooler Water Requirements: 67 l/min at 25 C
Maximun Working Pressure of Oil Cooler:
a.- Tube Side (Water): 10 bar (g)
b.- Shell Side (oil): 16 bar (g)
Oil Pressure Permissive Start Switch Setting: 0.6 bar (g)
Low Oil Pressure Trip Setting: 1.4 bar (g)
Control Air: Clean Dry at 5/10 bar (g)
High Oil Temperature Trip Setting: 52 C
Heaviest Piece Handled During:
a.- Erection - Entire Unit (approx): 5800Kg.
b.- Rountine Maintenance - Motor (Approx): 1600Kg.

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